Sunday, December 2, 2007

Recent Visit to Agbenoxoe to Set Milestones

Having had a very good first response from friends and family, we decided to go ahead and visit Agbenoxoe to sit down with the sub-chief and others involved to go over the next steps.

We set a realistic timeline and milestones to be met before disbursement of tranches of funding. Progress reports will be sent onwards before these disbursements as well.

One thing which we have done is to share a short video on how Agbenoxoe got its name, and exactly what it means (see to the right). New photos have also been added to the slideshow (bottom right).

We sat with the village elders including the heads of the four clans that make up Agbenoxoe. They gave the formal approval for the project to go ahead and thanked us (well, YOU!) for our support. Libations (i.e. cheap "Bonny" gin) were poured on the floor before being drunk in honor of the future work and collaboration. Very exciting, and more so as David had to drive with two glasses of neat gin in his system...